Tae Sung Sohn28
Jae Moon Bae22
Min Gew Choi21
Jeeyun Lee13
28Tae Sung Sohn
22Jae Moon Bae
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13Jeeyun Lee
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We resequenced 876 short fragments in a sample of 96 individuals of Arabidopsis thaliana that included stock center accessions as well as a hierarchical sample from natural populations. Although A. thaliana is a selfing weed, the pattern of polymorphism in general agrees with what is expected for a widely distributed, sexually reproducing species. Linkage(More)
A potentially serious disadvantage of association mapping is the fact that marker-trait associations may arise from confounding population structure as well as from linkage to causative polymorphisms. Using genome-wide marker data, we have previously demonstrated that the problem can be severe in a global sample of 95 Arabidopsis thaliana accessions, and(More)
There is currently tremendous interest in the possibility of using genome-wide association mapping to identify genes responsible for natural variation, particularly for human disease susceptibility. The model plant Arabidopsis thaliana is in many ways an ideal candidate for such studies, because it is a highly selfing hermaphrodite. As a result, the species(More)
PURPOSE High-speed nonrigid registration between the planning CT and the treatment CBCT data is critical for real time image guided radiotherapy (IGRT) to improve the dose distribution and to reduce the toxicity to adjacent organs. The authors propose a new fully automatic 3D registration framework that integrates object-based global and seed constraints(More)
PURPOSE Prostate gland segmentation is a critical step in prostate radiotherapy planning, where dose plans are typically formulated on CT. Pretreatment MRI is now beginning to be acquired at several medical centers. Delineation of the prostate on MRI is acknowledged as being significantly simpler to perform, compared to delineation on CT. In this work, the(More)
This dissertation presents techniques and tools for improving software reliability , by using an expressive string-constraint solver to make implementation-based testing more effective and more applicable. Concolic testing is a paradigm of implementation-based systematic software testing that combines dynamic symbolic execution with constraint-based(More)
Tumor necrosis factor (TNF)-alpha is one of the pro-inflammatory cytokines highly expressed in Helicobacter pylori that inhibits gastric acid secretion. In this study we determined the effect of silibinin on TNF-alpha-induced MMP-9 expression in gastric cancer cell lines. MMP-9 mRNA and protein expression was dose-dependently increased by TNF-alpha in(More)