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PURPOSE Prostate gland segmentation is a critical step in prostate radiotherapy planning, where dose plans are typically formulated on CT. Pretreatment MRI is now beginning to be acquired at several medical centers. Delineation of the prostate on MRI is acknowledged as being significantly simpler to perform, compared to delineation on CT. In this work, the(More)
PURPOSE High-speed nonrigid registration between the planning CT and the treatment CBCT data is critical for real time image guided radiotherapy (IGRT) to improve the dose distribution and to reduce the toxicity to adjacent organs. The authors propose a new fully automatic 3D registration framework that integrates object-based global and seed constraints(More)
Information retrieval (IR) with metadata tends to have high precision as long as the user expresses the information need accurately but may suffer from low recall because queries are too exact with the specification of the metadata fields. On the other hand, full-text retrieval tends to suffer more from low precision especially when queries are simple and(More)
—Dramatic advances in computer and communication technologies have made it economically feasible to extend the use of embedded computer systems to more and more critical applications. At the same time, these embedded computer systems are becoming more complex and distributed. As the bulk of the complex application-specific logic of these systems is realized(More)