Sung-Kil Lee

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We have developed a simple assembly technology to realize the tilted vertical combs for electrostatic micromirror scanners. The in-plane vertical comb electrodes are easily transformed into out-of-plane tilted comb by asymmetrical pushing down the levers of the spring that is attached to the micro mirror. The fabricated mirror scanner showed the optical(More)
We have demonstrated glass microlens array fabricated by thermal reflow process to take advantage of durable lens material and simple process. The microlens was designed using ray tracing, and was realized by controlling the diameter and height of cylindrical glass pattern. The glass pattern (Diameter x Height = 250 x 28 um) was formed by etching a glass(More)
A torsional optical microscanner was demonstrated with four orthogonally arranged rotators, which offer a unique advantage to amplify a scanning angle through torque arms. The four rotators to oscillate the micromirror were operated by an interaction between input current through the microcoil and external magnetic field. For the fabricated optical scanner(More)
In this paper, a novel microelectrical impedance spectroscopy (μEIS) with three-dimensional interdigitated electrodes (3D-IDE) is developed to differentiate normal and cancerous cells. The device utilizes a microfluidic tunnel structure, which forces cells to be squeezed. Thus, the enlarged contact area between cells and electrodes allows the device(More)
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