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We tested the effects of surface electrical stimulation on hyoid elevation during swallowing in healthy volunteers. Sixteen people were recruited and randomly divided into two groups. Electrical stimulation was applied to the skin above the infrahyoid muscle in the experimental group. The stimulation current was adjusted until muscle contraction occurred(More)
This paper describes a sub-project of BioGrid project called "HTC (High Throughput Computing) group." Generally, a protein structure prediction which requires large amount of computational resources is done by trial-and-error method. HTC group have been developing a high throughput computing system with a flexible workflow handling mechanism for a protein(More)
BACKGROUND To understand the gene regulatory system that governs the self-renewal and pluripotency of embryonic stem cells (ESCs) is an important step for promoting regenerative medicine. In it, the role of several core transcription factors (TFs), such as Oct4, Sox2 and Nanog, has been intensively investigated, details of their involvement in the(More)
SUMMARY This letter presents two methods of modeling phoneme durations. One is the context-independent phoneme duration modeling in which duration parameters are stored in each phoneme. The other is the context-dependent duration modeling in which duration parameters are stored in each state shared by context-dependent phonemes. The phoneme duration model(More)