Sung-Joon Park

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Fertilization precisely choreographs parental genomes by using gamete-derived cellular factors and activating genome regulatory programs. However, the mechanism remains elusive owing to the technical difficulties of preparing large numbers of high-quality preimplantation cells. Here, we collected >14 × 10(4) high-quality mouse metaphase II oocytes and used(More)
Long intergenic non-coding RNAs (lincRNAs) have historically been ignored in cancer biology. However, thousands of lincRNAs have been identified in mammals using recently developed genomic tools, including microarray and high-throughput RNA sequencing (RNA-seq). Several of the lincRNAs identified have been well characterized for their functions in(More)
A generic protein structure-based comparison method is able to fully retrieve biological interest from large-scaled ample data sets. Unlike other methods hitherto proposed, a generic method needs neither initial equivalent pairs nor scoring matrices. Although our purpose is to propose such a generic method, structure alignment patterns are firstly(More)
We tested the effects of surface electrical stimulation on hyoid elevation during swallowing in healthy volunteers. Sixteen people were recruited and randomly divided into two groups. Electrical stimulation was applied to the skin above the infrahyoid muscle in the experimental group. The stimulation current was adjusted until muscle contraction occurred(More)
PURPOSE To determine whether navigation-assisted intraoperative lower limb alignment in open wedge high tibial osteotomy (HTO) correlates with preoperative and postoperative radiographic alignment. METHODS This prospective study involved 35 patients (39 knees) who underwent navigation HTO for primary medial osteoarthritis. The mechanical axis (MA) and(More)
DBTMEE ( is a searchable and browsable database designed to manipulate gene expression information from our ultralarge-scale whole-transcriptome analysis of mouse early embryos. Since integrative approaches with multiple public analytical data have become indispensable for studying embryogenesis due to technical challenges such as(More)
For decades, underwater acoustic communication has been restricted to the point-to-point long distance applications such as deep sea probes and offshore oil fields. For this reason, previous acoustic modems were typically characterized by high data rates and long working ranges at the expense of large size and high power consumption. Recently, as the need(More)