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Mobile cloud-based video streaming services cannot be provided seamlessly when network traffic increases sharply in congested areas such as colleges, universities, and downtown at specific times. This paper proposes a configuration scheme for connectivity-aware P2P networks which can reduce network traffic of cloud-based streaming servers through sharing of(More)
The existing NAND flash memory file systems have not taken into account multiple NAND flash memories for large-capacity storage. In addition, since large-capacity NAND flash memory is much more expensive than the same capacity hard disk drive, it is cost wise infeasible to build large-capacity flash drives. To resolve these problems, this paper suggests a(More)
Periodontitis is the most common chronic inflammatory condition occurring in the human oral cavity, but our knowledge on its contribution to oral cancer is rather limited. To define crosstalk between chronic periodontitis and oral cancer, we investigated whether Porphyromonas gingivalis, a major pathogen of chronic periodontitis, plays a role in oral cancer(More)
Since the typical erase cycle limit of a NAND flash memory's block is about 1,000,000, flash memory should be erased as evenly as possible; otherwise, file system hot spots will soon be worn out. This forces a NAND flash memory file system to scan the whole flash memory during its mount rather than saving frequently updated file system information in a(More)