Sung-Hyuk Park

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Drawing from the social and relational perspectives, this study offers an innovative conceptualization and operational approach regarding the validation of self-reported customer demographic data, which has become an essential corporate asset for harnessing business intelligence. Specifically, based on social network and homophily paradigms in which(More)
We investigated the protective effects of pine bark extract (pycnogenol®, PYC) against cisplatin-induced hepatotoxicity and oxidative stress in rats. Twenty-four male rats were divided into the following four groups: (1) vehicle control, (2) cisplatin (7.5 mg/kg), (3) cisplatin & PYC 10 (10 mg/kg/day), and (4) cisplatin & PYC 20 (20 mg/kg/day). A single(More)
Internet based information technology has provided the paradigm shift from Pareto principle to long tail phenomenon. However, the advent of small size mobile devices with higher search costs raises a negative question on this paradigm shift. The aim of this study is investigating the negative impact of mobile devices on niche product consumption. We collect(More)
This study explains how the product diversity affects long-term performance of recommendation systems. We examine how the number of product categories offered to customers is related to customer churn incidence. We collect a large scale panel data consisting of product category, revenues and customer churn information from a large offline retailer. We find(More)