Sung Hyuk Byun

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A ray tracing GPS signal multipath simulator which takes into account the signal reflection and diffraction from surrounding objects has been developed. By properly modeling the environment around an antenna and the GPS receiver’s tracking loop, this simulator can assess the GPS signal multipath error. Thus, it can be used in the early design phase of an(More)
A general expansion architecture is proposed that can be used in building large-scale switches using any type of asynchronous transfer mode (ATM) switch. The proposed universal multistage interconnection network (UniMIN) switch is composed of a buffered distribution network (DN) and a column of output switch modules (OSM’s), which can be any type of ATM(More)
A B-ISDN national project in Korea has been carried out to develop a National Information Superhighway since 1992. An ATM switching system has been developed as one of the most important parts in the project, and has been tested in the National Information Superhighway testbed. In this paper, we develop a cell-level/call-level ATM switch simulator using(More)
Rapid growth of Internet traffic causes a new challenge in the design of high-speed switches. One of main design issues for high-speed switches is a scalability problem. This paper proposes a scalable crossbar matrix (SCM) switch architecture, which consists of multiple crossbar switch units(XSU) with virtual output queues(VOQs) at the inputs and(More)
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