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BACKGROUND Various treatments of xanthelasma palpebrarum have been studied, including surgical excision, treatment with chemicals, and ablative laser therapy, but these methods have some disadvantages. Recently, nonablative laser therapy has been proposed as a treatment for xanthelasma palpebrarum. OBJECTIVE To investigate the efficacy and safety of a(More)
BACKGROUND There are no reports of objectively evaluating the efficacy of filler rhinoplasty by anthropometric techniques. OBJECTIVE To objectively demonstrate the effectiveness of filler rhinoplasty by anthropometric analysis. MATERIALS AND METHODS A total of 242 patients who revisited the clinic within 2 months of undergoing hyaluronic acid filler(More)
BACKGROUND Viral warts are a common infectious disease and liquid nitrogen cryotherapy is one of the most common methods for treatment of these warts. Hand-foot viral warts frequently recur and reduce quality of life as well. OBJECTIVE To find the ideal treatment interval between cryotherapy sessions that can influence not only the cure rate but also the(More)
BACKGROUND Skin pH is one of the important physiological parameters of the skin. Changes in the pH play a role in the pathogenesis of several skin diseases, including acne. PURPOSE To assess the correlation between the pH and the age, and between the pH and the development of acne lesions, in a large acne patients group. We also evaluated the difference(More)
Sinusoidal hemangioma is a distinctive subset of a group of lesions known collectively as cavernous hemangiomas. Clinically, it develops in adults, predominantly females, and presents as a solitary, painless, bluish, deep dermal or subcutaneous nodule. Lipoma is the most common benign soft tissue tumor. Lipoma is distinguished from sinusoidal hemangioma on(More)
Cutaneous γ/δ T-cell lymphoma is an extremely rare and highly aggressive tumor that is often resistant to treatment, such as polychemotherapy and radiotherapy. Due to the complexity of clinical, pathologic, and immunohistochemical features of this disease entity, the physician should perform a careful evaluation; however, treatment should be rapid and(More)
BACKGROUND We usually divided cosmetic facial zone into the T zone and U zone by the level of sebum secretion. Our recent studies suggested that the perioral area showed different characteristics in the aspect of acne development. OBJECTIVE To investigate the unique characteristics of the O zone (perioral area) among the three facial areas. METHODS A(More)
The zinc-finger-type transcriptional factor KLF4 is expressed in a variety of tissues including skin. KLF4 can function as either a tumor suppressor or an oncogene, depending on the type of tissue in which it is expressed, by modulating the expression of various factors. To understand the role of KLF4 in human skin cancer and also to evaluate the expression(More)
Palmar digital vein thrombosis causing one or more nodules seems to be a relatively rare condition, judging by the dearth of reports in the literature. It should always be considered in a patient who presents with a painful, firm, blue nodule located at or in close proximity to one of the flexion crease of the finger. Common lesions presenting as one or(More)