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Expression of Leptin, Leptin Receptor, Adiponectin, and Adiponectin Receptor in Ductal Carcinoma In Situ and Invasive Breast Cancer
It is suggested that losses of leptin and ObR expression could beassociated with invasive cancer, whereas high adiponectin and AdipoR expression may be associated with breast cancer invasiveness. Expand
In vivo 1H-MRS evaluation of malignant and benign breast diseases.
Localized 1H-MRS using breast imaging coil can provide excellent sensitivity and spectral resolution to detect choline compounds present in reasonably small voxel of breast cancer lesion, and would be useful for differential diagnosis between malignant and benign breast diseases when combined use with MR imaging. Expand
Photon activated therapy (PAT) using monochromatic Synchrotron x-rays and iron oxide nanoparticles in a mouse tumor model: feasibility study of PAT for the treatment of superficial malignancy
An iron oxide nanoparticle enhanced therapeutic effect with relatively low tissue concentration of iron and 10 Gy of monochromatic X-rays may have promise as a potent treatment option for superficial malignancies in the skin, like chest wall recurrence of breast cancer. Expand
Correlation of hypoxia inducible transcription factor in breast cancer and SUVmax of F-18 FDG PET/CT.
BACKGROUND Tumor hypoxia induces the expression of several genes via the hypoxia-inducible transcription factor-1 alpha (HIF-1a). It is associated with the prognosis of several cancers. We studiedExpand
Synchrotron nanoscopy imaging study of scalp hair in breast cancer patients and healthy individuals: Difference in medulla loss and cortical membrane enhancements
Observation of medulla loss and cortical membrane enhancements in the hair strands of breast cancer patients demonstrated structural variations in the cancer hair, providing a new platform for further synchrotron X‐ray imaging study of screening breast cancer Patients. Expand
Photodynamic synchrotron x-ray therapy in glioma cell using superparamagnetic iron nanoparticle
In order to evaluate cytotoxic effects of secondary Auger electron emission(Photon Activation Therapy:PAT) from alginate-coated iron nanoparticles(Alg-SNP), Alg-SNP-uptaken C6 glioma cell lines wereExpand
Medulla loss of scalp hair in breast cancer patients determined by near-infrared microscopy
The medulla structure was retained mostly in the hair of age-matched healthy individuals, but discontinuous medulla loss was observed concomitantly with less CML in fibroadenoma patients, suggesting a potential biomarker for breast cancer diagnosis. Expand
SU‐E‐T‐107: Dosimetric Characteristics of a Glass Dosimeter for Proton Beam Measurements
Purpose: The purpose of this study was to investigate the dosimetric characteristics of the GD‐301 glass dosimeter for clinical dosimetry in a high‐energy proton beam and to compare it with LiFExpand
SU‐E‐T‐279: Improvement of Deformable Registration Accuracy Using Modified MV CBCT Images
The authors' method has quantitatively improved the accuracy of deformable registration and could be a useful solution to improve the image registration accuracy. Expand