Sung Hwa Song

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Adipokines, adipocyte-derived protein, have important roles in various kinds of physiology including energy homeostasis. Chemerin, one of adipocyte-derived adipokines, is highly expressed in differentiated adipocytes and is known to induce macrophage chemotaxis and glucose intolerance. The objective of the present study was to investigate the changes of(More)
To investigate the toxicity, protective effects, and action mechanism of gallotannin-enriched extracts isolated from Galla Rhois (GEGR) against carbon tetrachloride (CCl₄)-induced hepatotoxicity in Institute for Cancer Research (ICR) mice, alterations in serum biochemical indicators, histopathological structure, antioxidative status, hepatic(More)
Reserpine, an anti-hypertensive drug, is able to positively modulate several phenotypes associated with Aβ toxicity in a Caenorhabditis elegans model of Alzheimer's disease (AD). We investigated into the therapeutic effects of reserpine on mammalian neurodegenerative disorders, and found that significant alteration of the key factors influencing AD was(More)
α-Isocubebenol (ICO) isolated from Schisandra chinensis fruit was recently shown to exert neuroprotective properties with significant anti-neuroinflammatory effects. Here, we present evidence of the novel effects of ICO on alleviation of cognitive impairment. To confirm these effects, ICR mice were pretreated with two different doses of ICO for 3 weeks and(More)
Several natural products containing tannins are used as traditional medicines for treatment of constipation; however, their pharmacological mechanism is not well understood. The laxative effects of gallotannin-enriched extract isolated from Galla Rhois (GEGR) were investigated using a constipation model induced by loperamide (Lop) injection. After analysis(More)
OBJECTIVES This study aimed to investigate the beneficial effects of Cheonggukjang (CGK) manufactured by mixed culture of Bacillus subtilis MC31 and Lactobacillus sakei 383 on neurotoxic damages. METHODS The specific aspects of brain functions were measured in Institute for Cancer Research (ICR) mice that had been pretreated for 4 weeks with three(More)
Animal models for gastric ulcers produced by physical, pharmacological and surgical methods have been widely employed to evaluate therapeutic drugs and investigate the mechanism of action of this disease. ICR mice were selected to produce this model, even though several mice and rats have been widely used in studies of gastric ulcers. To compare the(More)
To characterize the changes in global gene expression in the distal colon of constipated SD rats in response to the laxative effects of aqueous extracts of Liriope platyphylla (AEtLP), including isoflavone, saponin, oligosaccharide, succinic acid and hydroxyproline, the total RNA extracted from the distal colon of AEtLP-treated constipation rats was(More)
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