Sung-Huang Lee

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Abstract In this paper, we extend our generalized methodology for designing lower-error area-efficient fixed-width two’s-complement multipliers that receive two s -bit numbers and produce an s -bit product. The generalized methodology involving four steps results in several better error-compensation biases. These better error-compensation biases can be(More)
Eln this paper, the design and application of Preselect --an on-chip transformer balun for RFIC has presented. LPF LNA Balun Single-ended primary and differential secondary are Mixer constructed without using three individual windings for simple layout. Besides, this new topology has the same ( J.I Fout physical common visual ground point for second(More)
This paper presents a micromixer for WCDMA applications with no external balun requirement. The transconverter cells are applied both to LO and RF port to replace the required baluns for converting the single-ended signal to differential output. Besides providing the function of balun, the transconverter cell also improves the linearity behavior. This(More)
A filter-based, single-sideband mixer is proposed for realization of fast switching local oscillation signal generator for MB-OFDM UWB application. This mixer utilizes switched-filtering tank as the load to provide the required sideband suppression requirement of output signals. The circuit is designed by using standard CMOS process technology. The mixer(More)
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