Sung-Hsiung Lin

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Wall-eyed bilateral internuclear ophthalmoplegia (WEBINO) is a rarely reported syndrome. There is dispute about whether WEBINO is caused by a pontine or a midbrain lesion and whether the medial rectus subnuclei are implicated. In a study of the clinical and imaging features of four patients with WEBINO, we found that that three of four lesions involved the(More)
The ocular tilt reaction (OTR) consists of skew deviation, ocular torsion and head tilt. A 54-year-old woman developed sudden onset of vertical diplopia. On primary gaze, there was skew deviation with the left eye higher than the right eye. The photography of fundus disclosed 15 degrees of excyclotropia of the right eye and 20 degrees of incyclotropia of(More)
Results First we found that needle insertion at various acupuncture points on the back produced an immediate and sharp peak of increased blood flow measured at the treated point which lasted only a few seconds, followed by a second broader peak of 3-4 fold increase that lasted about 5-15 minutes. Cupping on acupoint GB21 produced a similar increase that(More)
Results We found that during Chen style Tai Chi “silk-reeling” exercises, the cyclic down/up hand movement (2X/minute) caused cycles of increase/decrease in blood flow measured at PC8 acupoint and electrical conductance at 7 jing-well acupoints on the hand. Similar results were obtained when subjects performed dance movements with similar down/up cycles of(More)
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