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Knowledge of normal cerebrovascular volumetric flow rate (VFR) dynamics is of interest for establishing baselines, and for providing input data to cerebrovascular model studies. Retrospectively gated phase contrast magnetic resonance imaging was used to measure time-resolved VFR waveforms from the two internal carotid arteries (ICA) and two vertebral(More)
An overview of the use of physically modified microfluidic channels towards cell research is presented. The physical modification can be realized either by combining embedded physical micro/nanostructures or a topographically patterned substrate at the micro- or nanoscale inside a channel. After a brief description of the background and the importance of(More)
A simple, yet innovative, method is presented for fabricating high-aspect-ratio polymer nanohairs (aspect ratio >20) on a solid substrate by sequential application of molding and drawing of a thin polymer film. The polymer film was prepared by spin coating on a rigid or flexible substrate, and the temperature was raised above the polymer's glass transition(More)
Mechanical force is needed to mediate endocytosis. Whether actin, the most abundant force-generating molecule, is essential for endocytosis is highly controversial in mammalian cells, particularly synapses, likely due to the use of actin blockers, the efficiency and specificity of which are often unclear in the studied cell. Here we addressed this issue(More)
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