Sung Ho Song

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Water soluble GQDs were systematically characterized as a multiphoton fluorophore and a cell imaging probe. When mouse primary hepatocytes were incubated with GQDs, no significant cytotoxicity was observed up to the treatment concentration of 100 μg ml(-1). Using these GQDs, mouse primary hepatocytes were successfully imaged by multiphoton fluorescence.
The increasing demand for graphene has required a new route for its mass production without causing extreme damages. Here we demonstrate a simple and cost-effective intercalation based exfoliation method for preparing high quality graphene flakes, which form a stable dispersion in organic solvents without any functionalization and surfactant. Successful(More)
Designing a highly efficient catalyst is essential to improve the electrochemical performance of Li-O2 batteries for long-term cycling. Furthermore, these batteries often show significant capacity fading due to the irreversible reaction characteristics of the Li2O2 product. To overcome these limitations, we propose a bifunctional composite catalyst composed(More)
A 30-yr-old man was referred for suspicious rectal cancer because of ulcerated lesions in the rectum and a palpable mass in left inguinal area. Sigmoidoscopy showed two indurated masses and histologic evaluation of biopsy revealed obliterative endarteritis with heavy plasma cell infiltration. Both venereal disease research laboratories (VDRL) and(More)
Homogeneous distribution of graphene flakes in a polymer matrix, still preserving intrinsic material properties, is key to successful composite applications. A novel approach is presented to disperse non-oxidized graphene flakes with non-covalent functionalization of 1-pyrenebutyric acid and to fabricate nanocomposites with outstanding thermal conductivity(More)
The influence of surface modifications on the mechanical properties of epoxy-hexagonal boron nitride nanoflake (BNNF) nanocomposites is investigated. Homogeneous distributions of boron nitride nanoflakes in a polymer matrix, preserving intrinsic material properties of boron nitride nanoflakes, is the key to successful composite applications. Here, a method(More)
PURPOSE Treatment of patients with para-aortic lymph node metastasis from colorectal cancer is controversial. The goal of this study was to investigate the technical feasibility of laparoscopic intrarenal para-aortic lymph node dissection in patients with colorectal cancer and clinically suspected para-aortic lymph node dissection. METHODS The inclusion(More)
PURPOSE Gap junctions are intercellular channels to facilitate electrical and metabolic communication between adjacent cells. Connexin 43 is the most predominant type of connexin expressed on rat detrusor muscle cells. We investigated the connexin 43 expressions in various age groups of either sex in normal rats. METHODS Eighty Sprague-Dawley rats were(More)
Graphene flakes (GFs) with minimized defects and oxidation ratios are incorporated into polyethylene (PE) to enhance the moisture barrier. GFs produced involving solvothermal intercalation show extremely low oxidation rates (3.17%), and are noncovalently functionalized in situ, inducing strong hydrophobicity. The fabricated composite possesses the best(More)
The development of efficient bifunctional catalysts for the oxygen reduction reaction (ORR) and oxygen evolution reaction (OER) is a key issue pertaining high performance Li-O2 batteries. Here, we propose a heterogeneous electrocatalyst consisting of LaMnO3 nanofibers (NFs) functionalized with RuO2 nanoparticles (NPs) and non-oxidized graphene nanoflakes(More)