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This article outlines a hybrid method, incorporating multiple techniques into an evaluation process, in order to select competitive suppliers in a supply chain. It enables a purchaser to do single sourcing and multiple sourcing by calculating a combined supplier score (CSS), which accounts for both qualitative and quantitative factors that impact on supply(More)
Although caffeic acid phenethyl ester (CAPE), an active flavonoid, plays an important role in the antioxidant activity of honeybee propolis, the isolation of CAPE from honeybee propolis is time-consuming due to wide variety of impurities present. Therefore, biochemical method to synthesize CAPE was investigated in this study. Since ionic liquids (ILs)(More)
Lipase-catalyzed esterification of glucose with fatty acids in ionic liquids (ILs) mixture was investigated by using supersaturated glucose solution. The effect of ILs mixture ratio, substrate ratio, lipase content, and temperature on the activity and stability of lipase was also studied. The highest yield of sugar ester was obtained in a mixture of(More)
edge in terms of costs. In such an environment, a successful company wanting to survive and gain a competitive advantage must provide an acceptable bundle of customized services that satisfy customers’ needs. Despite the Internet’s obvious benefits as a new communication medium—such as targetability, trackability, deliverability, flexibility, and(More)
Application of data mining techniques to the WWW (World Wide Web), referred to as Web mining, has been the focus of several recent research projects and papers. One of several possibilities can be its application to the &stance education. Taken as a whole, the emerging trends in distance education are facilitating its usability on the Internet. With the(More)
For increasing cellulose accessibility to the enzymatic attack, the pretreatment is a necessary step to alter some structural characteristics of cellulosic materials. As a new pretreatment method, microwave irradiation on cellulose dissolution pretreatment with ionic liquids (ILs) was investigated in this study. Microwave irradiation not only enhanced the(More)
Using the customer relationship management perspective to investigate customer behavior, this study differentiates between customers through customer segmentation, tracks customer shifts from segment to segment over time, discovers customer segment knowledge to build an individual transition path and a dominant transition path, and then predicts customer(More)