Sung-Hee Sunny Park

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Epilepsy is an intractable disease, though many treatment modalities have been developed. Recently, noninvasive transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS), which can change brain excitability, was introduced and has been applied for therapeutic purposes regarding epilepsy. A suppression of seizures was experienced by cathodal tDCS in a medication(More)
Previous studies have demonstrated that transcranial direct current (DC) brain polarization can modulate cortical excitability in the human brain. We investigated the effect of anodal DC brain polarization of right parietal cortex on visuospatial scanning in subacute stroke patients with spatial neglect. The patients underwent two neglect tests - figure(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate whether motor evoked potential (MEP) amplitude ratio measurements are sufficiently objective to assess functional activities of the extremities. We also delineated the distribution between the presence or absence of MEPs and the Medical Research Council (MRC) scale for muscle strength of the extremities. METHODS We enrolled 183(More)
OBJECTIVE To translate the English Victorian Institute of Sport Assessment for patellar tendinopathy (VISA-P) questionnaire into a Korean version and to determine the reliability and validity of the Korean version. METHODS The English VISA-P questionnaire was translated into Korean according to the internationally recommended guidelines. Then, 28(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate neuroradiological and neurophysiological characteristics of patients with dyskinetic cerebral palsy (CP), by using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), voxel-based morphometry (VBM), diffusion tensor tractography (DTT), and motor evoked potential (MEP). METHODS Twenty-three patients with dyskinetic CP (13 males, 10 females; mean age(More)
Central pontine myelinolysis is a rare neurologic disorder that is defined by demyelination of longitudinally descending tracts and transversly crossing fibers in the basis pontis. Frequently observed clinical manifestations of this disorder include sudden weakness, dysphagia, loss of consciouness and locked-in syndrome. However, there have been a few(More)
Protease production by Bacillus sp. SKK11 isolated from brackish environment was studied by solid-state fermentation with horse gram husk. Response surface methodology-based Box-Behnken design (BBD) was used to optimize the variables such as pH, maltose, and MgSO₄. The BBD design analysis showed a reasonable adjustment of the quadratic model with the(More)
This study examined the extent of improvement of food safety knowledge and practices of employee through food safety training. Employee knowledge and practice for food safety were evaluated before and after the food safety training program. The training program and questionnaires for evaluating employee knowledge and practices concerning food safety, and a(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate normal healthy persons without spasticity to observe normal findings of the elbow stretch reflex using a newly developed, portable, hand-driven spasticity-measuring system. METHOD Thirty normal persons without any disease involving the central or peripheral nervous system were enrolled in this study. The portable hand-driven(More)