Sung Gook Kim

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This paper proposes a new method of creating 3D visual data cubes for high volume/dimension OLAP data analysis with intuitive region selection. Previous methods construct data cubes directly from a data warehouse and build table format cubes with multi-dimensional attributes, in order to specify target ranges for analysis. However, it is a difficult task to(More)
This paper introduces a framework for a 3D visualization working space in which users can efficiently manipulate components associated with information/knowledge. This space with 3D graphical interfaces for knowledge/information navigation is geared on a framework based on MVC (Model-View-Controller) which has been implemented in WPF (Windows Presentation(More)
This paper presents a novel approach to detect and formulate time varying changes in texture content on a sequence of images registered from a scene by using Gabor wavelets representation. The changes might occur under variable illumination or different location of viewpoint for image registration. It is necessary that such changes might exactly be measured(More)
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