Sung Gon Kim

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Previous approaches to search based test data generation tend to focus on coverage, rather than oracle cost. While there may be an aspiration that systems should have models, checkable specifications and/or contract driven development, this sadly remains an aspiration; in many real cases, system behaviour must be checked by a human. This painstaking(More)
Herniated nucleus pulposus (HNP) is a common disease that induces back pain and radicular pain. Some cases require surgical treatment due to persistent severe pain. However, in some cases, pain can be relieved with conservative treatment or at times relived spontaneously. Therefore, the most effective treatment method for HNP is undefinable. Spontaneous(More)
PURPOSE The aim of this study was to investigate the risk factors for conversion to conventional laparoscopic cholecystectomy (CLC) in single incision laparoscopic cholecystectomy (SILC) along with the proposal for procedure selection guidelines in treating patients with benign gallbladder (GB) diseases. METHODS SILC was performed in 697 cases between(More)
OBJECTIVE 1) To investigate the relationship between NrCAM polymorphisms and methamphetamine abuse in an ethnically homogenous Korean population. 2) To further support our findings by investigating the association among NrCAM gene variants, certain personality traits, and addictive symptoms of methamphetamine abusers. METHODS Thirty-seven male(More)
OBJECTIVE Decompressive laminectomy is one of the most commonly used surgical methods for the treatment of spinal stenosis. We retrospectively examined the risk factors that induce spinal instability, including slippage (spondylolisthesis) and/or segmental angulation after decompressive laminectomy on the lumbar spine. METHODS From January 1, 2006 to June(More)
Patients undergoing upper extremity surgery generally have a low risk of pulmonary embolism. We encountered a rare case of fatal pulmonary embolism after surgical treatment of a clavicle fracture. A 46year-old man fell off the roof of his car and suffered fractures of the left clavicle, temporal bone and ribs, as well as cerebral and lung contusions. He was(More)
Search Based testing has proved effective at generating test data to cover targeted branches and has consequently received a great deal of attention from the automated software testing community. However, previous approaches to search based test data generation do not take account of oracle cost. While there may be an aspiration that systems should have(More)
알코올 의존은 평생 유병율 도 높은 편이고 적절한 치 [6] , 료 후에도 많은 환자가 재발을 경험하게 되는 단주 유지가 쉽지 않은 질환이다 따라서 알코올 의존의 치료 중에서 [9]. 재발예방을 위한 연구가 중요하며 알코올 의존의 재발 예방 , 에 대한 치료는 크게 심리 사회학적 치료와 생물학적 치료로 구분된다. 한편 실험동물에서 대뇌의 어떤 특정 부위에 자극을 가할 , 경우 이러한 자극을 더 원하게 된다는 와 의 Olds Milner [10] 결과로부터 대뇌 보상 경로가 있다는 것이 밝혀진 후 복측피 , 개지역 에서 측좌핵 (ventral tegmental area; VTA) (nucleus ac으로 가는 성 경로가 대뇌 보상 경로(More)
OBJECTIVE The Penn Alcohol Craving Scale (PACS) is a stronger predictor of subsequent drinking and relapse of alcohol dependence that can be administered more quickly and easily than other craving scales. The goal of this study was to develop the Korean version of the Penn Alcohol Craving Scale (PACS-K). METHODS To examine the psychometric properties of(More)
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