Sung-Eun Jo

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ABSTRACT This paper reports on a thermoelectric generator (TEG) used for converting human body heat energy to electrical energy. The proposed TEG was composed of a polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) substrate and thermocouples. The use of PDMS provides flexibility to the TEG and low thermal conductivity that helps minimize losses in the effective heat flowing(More)
Induction coils were fabricated based on flexible printed circuit board for inductive transcutaneous power transmission. The coil had closed magnetic circuit (CMC) structure consisting of inner and outer magnetic core. The power transmission efficiency of the fabricated device was measured in the air and in vivo condition. It was confirmed that the CMC coil(More)
Solar thermoelectric generators (STEGs), which are used for various applications, (particularly small size electronic devices), have optical concentration systems for high energy conversion efficiency. In this study, a refraction-assisted STEG (R-STEG) is designed based on phase-change materials. As the phase-change material (PCM) changes phase from solid(More)
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