Sung Eun Hong

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Periventricular heterotopia (PH) is a human neuronal migration disorder in which many neurons destined for the cerebral cortex fail to migrate. Previous analysis showed heterozygous mutations in the X-linked gene filamin 1 (FLN1), but examined only the first six (of 48) coding exons of the gene and hence did not assess the incidence and functional(More)
Mutations in the X-linked gene doublecortin, which encodes a protein with no dear structural homologues, are found in pedigrees in which affected females show "double cortex" syndrome (DC; also known as subcortical band heterotopia or laminar heterotopia) and affected males show X-linked lissencephaly. Mutations in doublecortin also cause sporadic DC in(More)
To identify the novel inhibitors of endoplasmic reticulum stress-induced cell death, we performed a high throughput assay with a chemical library containing a total of 3280 bioactive small molecules. Cyclosporine A and bromocriptine were identified as potent inhibitors of thapsigargiin-induced cell death (cut-off at 4σ standard score) . However, U74389G,(More)
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