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Doc2 Is a Ca2+ Sensor Required for Asynchronous Neurotransmitter Release
It is proposed that Doc2 is a Ca(2+) sensor that is kinetically tuned to regulate asynchronous neurotransmitter release that was enhanced during repetitive stimulation in Doc2 knockdown neurons, potentially due to greater vesicle availability. Expand
Synaptotagmin 7 functions as a Ca2+-sensor for synaptic vesicle replenishment
Ca2-dependent and Ca2-independent synaptic vesicle (SV) replenishment pathways are resolved, and it is found that syt 7 plays a selective and critical role in the Ca2+-dependent pathway. Expand
Synaptophysin Regulates the Kinetics of Synaptic Vesicle Endocytosis in Central Neurons
It is demonstrated that synaptophysin is required for kinetically efficient endocytosis of synaptic vesicles in cultured hippocampal neurons and regulates at least two phases of endocyTosis to ensure vesicle availability during and after sustained neuronal activity. Expand
Uncoupling the roles of synaptotagmin I as a dual Ca2+ sensor during endo- and exocytosis of synaptic vesicles
Results indicate that syt1 is directly involved in endocytosis, and functions as a dual Ca2+ sensor for both endo- and exocytotic, potentially coupling these two components of the vesicle cycle. Expand
Glycosylation Is Dispensable for Sorting of Synaptotagmin 1 but Is Critical for Targeting of SV2 and Synaptophysin to Recycling Synaptic Vesicles*
This study analyzed all glycosylation sites on synaptotagmin 1, synaptophysin, and SV2A via mutagenesis and optical imaging of pHluorin-tagged proteins in cultured neurons from knock-out mice lacking each protein to reveal that gly cosylation is completely dispensable for the sorting of synaptoagmin1 to SVs whereas the N-glycans on SV2 A are only partially dispensable. Expand