Sung Dong Kim

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Long-sentence analysis has been a critical problem in machine translation becauseof its high complexity. Intrasentence segmentation has been proposed as a methodfor reducing parsing complexity. This paper presents a two-step segmentation method:(1) identifying potential segmentation positions in a sentence and (2) selecting an actualsegmentation position(More)
Long sentence analysis has been a critical problem because of high complexity. This paper addresses the reduction of parsing complexity by intra-sentence segmentation, and presents maximum entropy model for determining segmentation positions. The model features lexical contexts of segmentation positions, giving a probability to each potential position.(More)
A pair of different diketopyrrolopyrrole-based conjugated polymers (CPs) were designed and synthesized to investigate the effect of chain conformation on their molecular assembly. Conformation management was achieved by the incorporation of different linkers during polymerization. Through the use of computational calculations and UV-vis absorption(More)
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