Sung-Chul Kang

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This paper demonstrates a reliable navigation of a mobile robot in outdoor environment. We fuse differential GPS and odometry data using the framework of extended Kalman filter to localize a mobile robot. And also, we propose an algorithm to detect curbs through the laser range finder. An important feature of road environment is the existence of curbs. The(More)
In this paper, we introduce spectrum policies and dynamic spectrum access technologies in Korea. In the past, Korea spectrum management was the command and control with exclusive usage rights and small portions of spectrum commons bands. With the development of the radio technologies, recently, Korea government, MIC (Ministry of Information and(More)
Noncontact electrocardiogram (ECG) measurement using capacitive-coupled technique is a very reliable long-term noninvasive health-care remote monitoring system. It can be used continuously without interrupting the daily activities of the user and is one of the most promising developments in health-care technology. However, ECG signal is a very small(More)
Safe and autonomous driving is one of the most important challenges in mobile robotics and has been received considerable attention over the past years in indoor and outdoor navigations. Most methods developed so far immediately activate an obstacle avoidance algorithm when a robot meets obstacles without predicting the motion of the obstacle. These methods(More)
Open spectrum policy mostly deals with the shared-use of spectrum resources which again utilizes the orthogonality in different spectral domains - geography, space, power, frequency and time. Among these, temporal share of the spectrum, known as CR or cognitive radio technology, allows secondary licensees to opportunistically access the spectrum during the(More)
In this paper, we discuss the spectral efficiency and coverage efficiency of WRAN (wireless regional area network) system in TV bands which are under standardization at the IEEE 802.22 WG. Instead of spectrum underlay technologies which have been used conventionally, spectrum overlay technology model will be the subject of analysis and simulations in this(More)
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