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In this paper, we present a novel geometry compression scheme for compactly representing 3-D sampled data. The proposed framework is based on the octree structured multiscale geometry representation, where local surface is expressed by multiscale plane descriptions. To reduce planar redundancy between different scale plane approximations in the multiscale(More)
In this paper, we propose a progressive compression algorithm for three-dimensional (3-D) mesh data, which can efficiently encode the connectivity and geometry information. Using cosine index predictor and ver-tex confinement rule, the proposed scheme encodes the connectivity information compactly. For the geometry information coding, a 2-stage geometry(More)
Stable water supply to turbine system is essential requirement for small hydro power system using waste cooling water. Complex flow pattern in water channel is expected to be stable with overflow discharge. For reliable hydro power system, detailed analysis for flow characteristics is required to identify proper design parameters. In this study, small(More)
A novel context modeling scheme is presented for lossless image compression. First, each line in the input image is divided into 1 × N line segments, called processing unit (PU). Then, the statistical reference is evaluated in each PU, which reveals the randomness of pixels in the local image region. The context is designed based on both neighbor(More)