Sung-Bum Ju

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[Purpose] The purpose of the present study was to determine whether vibrations should be applied before resistance exercises by examining changes in stress hormone levels with vibrations applied before different exercise intensities. [Subjects] Eighteen male subjects in their 20s were included, and were randomly divided into one-repetition maximum (1RM) 50%(More)
[Purpose] This study applied proprioceptive circuit exercise to patients with degenerative knee osteoarthritis and examined its effects on knee joint muscle function and the level of pain. [Subjects] In this study, 14 patients with knee osteoarthritis in two groups, a proprioceptive circuit exercise group (n = 7) and control group (n = 7), were examined.(More)
[Purpose] This study was conducted to investigate the effects of ankle functional rehabilitation exercise on ankle joint functional movement screen results and isokinetic muscular function in patients with chronic ankle sprain patients. [Subjects and Methods] In this study, 16 patients with chronic ankle sprain were randomized to an ankle functional(More)
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