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An Improved Recommendation Algorithm in Collaborative Filtering
In Electronic Commerce it is not easy for customers to find the best suitable goods as more and more information is placed on line. In order to provide information of high value a customizedExpand
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Task scheduling in distributed computing systems with a genetic algorithm
Scheduling a directed acyclic graph (DAG) which represents the precedence relations of the tasks of a parallel program in a distributed computing system (DCS) is known as an NP-complete problemExpand
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Using Attributes to Improve Prediction Quality in Collaborative Filtering
To save customers’ time and efforts in searching the goods in the Internet, a customized recommender system is required. It is very important for a recommender system to predict accurately byExpand
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An Effective Threshold-Based Neighbor Selection in Collaborative Filtering
In this paper we present a recommender system using an effective threshold-based neighbor selection in collaborative filtering. The proposed method uses the substitute neighbors of the test customerExpand
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Simple randomized parallel algorithms for finding a maximal matching in an undirected graph
The authors present simple randomized parallel algorithms for finding a maximal matching in a unidirectional graph G=(V, E) for the CRCW and CREW models. The algorithm for the CRCW model has O(log m)Expand
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Mobile Pee-to-Peer systems using Super Peers for Mobile Environments
As the number of mobile device users increases, many researches on pee-to-peer (P2P) systems in mobile environments have been carried out. In this paper, we propose two mobile P2P systems that haveExpand
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A cooperative forwarding scheme for social preference-based selfishness in mobile social networks
Most schemes in mobile social networks (MSNs) assume that nodes simply forward messages without considering selfishness. We therefore first devise social preference-based selfishness for MSNs byExpand
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An Improved Neighbor Selection Algorithm in Collaborative Filtering
Nowadays, customers spend much time and effort in finding the best suitable goods since more and more information is placed on-line. To save their time and effort in searching the goods they want, aExpand
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An efficient multilateral negotiation system for pervasive computing environments
In this paper we propose an automated negotiation system that can efficiently carry out multilateral negotiations with multi-attributes in pervasive computing environments. For the multilateralExpand
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