Sung-Bem Bok

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Approximately 260 Streptomyces strains were isolated from neutral pH farmland soil and evaluated for their ability to produce glucose isomerase. The number of acidophilic Streptomyces organisms growing at pH 4.0 was low, i.e., 10 organisms per g of soil. All of the isolates showed glucose isomerase activity when they were grown in a medium containing(More)
This study examined the adaptation accuracy of acrylic denture base processed using fluid-resin (PERform), injection-moldings (SR-Ivocap, Success, Mak Press), and two compression-molding techniques. The adaptation accuracy was measured primarily by the posterior border gaps at the mid-palatal area using a microscope and subsequently by weighing of the(More)
A screening procedure was used to isolate from soil a Penicillium sp., two bacterial isolates, and a Streptomyces sp. that produced a new microbial growth factor. This factor was an absolute growth requirement for three soil bacteria. The Penicillium sp. and one of the bacteria requiring the factor, an Arthrobacter sp., were selected for more extensive(More)
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