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comparison between our approach and commercial virus scanners. I would also like to thank my friends and schoolmates for their technical and emotional support. I want to thank Yue Wang for performing the virus scanning, and Peter Hey for repairing my hard disk after it crashed at the most critical moment. Finally I want to thank my family for their(More)
Role based access control (RBAC) allows users access to resources based on their competencies and responsibilities within an organization. Typically, RBAC is provided as a security mechanism for a single host at the operating system level. This allows the operating system to ensure that authenticated users have access to resources based on their assigned(More)
Video-on-demand (VOD) is expected to become one of the most important and successful services to be offered on emerging technologies. There is not just an interest in the delivery of digital video for home entertainment purposes, but there are also several educational and commercial benefits from this service. However, for this service to become viable, it(More)
The design of scalable video servers with high throughput is receiving considerable attention with the growing popularity of VOD services. This paper presents a design solution we call scalable and cooperative interval caching (SCIC) for clustered video servers. SCIC uses interval caching and cache cooperation done by hash-based request distribution, and a(More)
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