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The method presented in this paper should prove useful in assessing the effectiveness of HACCP plans developed in slaughterhouses. Samples were collected by swabbing well-defined areas of pork and beef carcasses with sterile gauze. Between 160 and 420 half-carcasses were swabbed in each of nine pork or beef slaughterhouses. Swabs from five carcasses were(More)
Opioids have long been used for analgesic purposes for a wide range of procedures. However, the binding of these drugs to opiate receptors has created various challenges to the clinician due to unfavorable side effect profiles and the potential for tolerance and abuse. In 1989, ketorolac became an approved nonsteroidal inflammatory drug (NSAID) for(More)
Oxymorphone (14-hydroxydihydromorphinone), a pyridine ring unsubstituted pyridomorphinan, a semisynthetic opioid analgesic derived from thebaine, first developed in the year 1914 and has been available as oxymorphone hydrochloride parenteral forms in the United States since 1959, when the US Food and Drug Administration approved it. Over the years, it has(More)
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