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BACKGROUND A single 10 mg dose of mifepristone, and two 0.75 mg doses of levonorgestrel 12 h apart, are effective for emergency contraception. Because no studies had compared the efficacies of both compounds, or investigated a single dose of 1.5 mg levonorgestrel, we undertook this three-arm trial. METHODS We did a randomised, double-blind trial in 15(More)
OBJECTIVES To analyze the clinical and laparoscopic features of 40 infertile women with genital tuberculosis. MATERIALS AND METHODS This prospective clinical study was carried out at a tertiary care hospital from October 1, 2004, to August 30, 2006, with 150 infertile women in whom there was clinical suspicion of genital tuberculosis. All underwent(More)
Accurate transmission of information coded in the sperm genome is vital to the pre- and post-natal development of the offspring. Recent advances in reproductive biology have proposed evaluation of sperm DNA integrity as an important assessment tool to infer the presence of DNA strand breaks, numerical abnormalities in sperm chromosome complement, and(More)
Thyroid disorders are among the common endocrine problems in pregnant women. It is now well established that not only overt, but subclinical thyroid dysfunction also has adverse effects on maternal and fetal outcome. There are few data from India about the prevalence of thyroid dysfunction in pregnancy. With this background, this study aims to find(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine normal level of nucleated red blood cells (NRBC) per 100 white blood cells (WBC) in cord blood of term non-asphyxiated newborns and to investigate variations in NRBC counts in perinatal asphyxia. METHODS A total of 75 cases were studied. Levels of NRBC per 100 WBC in umbilical venous blood were compared between 26 asphyxiated(More)
BACKGROUND We report the main findings of the WHO Multicountry Survey on Maternal and Newborn Health (WHOMCS), which aimed to assess the burden of complications related to pregnancy, the coverage of key maternal health interventions, and use of the maternal severity index (MSI) in a global network of health facilities. METHODS In our cross-sectional(More)
Reactive oxygen species (ROS) levels in semen are believed to play both physiological and pathological roles in male fertility. The study was aimed to find the clinical significance of ROS levels in infertile Indian men. This pilot study included 33 idiopathic infertile men and 18 proven fertile controls. ROS levels in the washed sperm were measured using(More)
OBJECTIVE To compare the effectiveness of sublingual misoprostol administered immediately after delivery of the neonate at cesarean section, with intravenous oxytocin infusion in prevention of uterine atony and thereby reducing blood loss at cesarean section. METHODS One hundred women with singleton term pregnancy undergoing elective or emergency lower(More)
Out of 9344 first trimester elective abortions performed by vacuum aspiration, 37 uterine perforation cases occurred. The suction cannula was responsible for more than 50% of perforations. All cases were multiparous. In 56.8%, the duration of gestation was 6 weeks or less. One third of the cases had a history of child birth within the previous 6 months.(More)
OBJECTIVE To compare the efficacy and side effects of sublingual misoprostol and intravenous methylergometrine for active management of third stage of labor. METHOD One hundred twenty low risk pregnant women at term with spontaneous onset of labor were included in the study. The women were randomized to receive either two tablets of misoprostol (200(More)