Suneel Reddy Alla

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Following myocardial infarction, extracellular matrix (ECM) is disrupted, which leads to the generation of collagen- and elastin-derived peptides (CDPs and EDPs, respectively). To investigate whether ECM-derived peptides (i.e., CDPs and EDPs) induce extracellular proteinases in human heart fibroblast (HHF) cells, we isolated CDP and EDP using gelfiltration(More)
Syndapin is a conserved dynamin-binding protein, with predicted function in synaptic-vesicle endocytosis. Here, we combine genetic mutational analysis with in vivo cell biological assays to ask whether Drosophila syndapin (Synd) is an essential component of synaptic-vesicle recycling. The only isoform of Drosophila syndapin (synd) is broadly expressed and(More)
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