Sune Precht Reeh

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The amount of 140 individual proteins of E. coli B/r was measured during balanced growth in five different media. The abundance of each protein was determined from its absolute amount in 14C-glucose-minimal medium and a measurement of its relative amount at each growth rate using a double labeling technique. Separation of the proteins was carried out by(More)
We consider the Burnside ring A(F) of F-stable S-sets for a saturated fusion system F defined on a p-group S. It is shown by S. P. Reeh that the monoid of F-stable sets is a free commutative monoid with canonical basis {↵P }. We give an explicit formula that describes ↵P as an S-set. In the formula we use a combinatorial concept called broken chains which(More)
In this thesis, we study the relations between a saturated fusion system F on S and the single and double Burnside rings, A(S) and A(S, S), of the p-group S. In particular, we generalize the Burnside rings of groups to Burnside rings of fusion systems. The Burnside ring of F is defined as the subring A(F) of A(S) consisting of the F-stable elements; and(More)
Multibody analysis was applied to construct an advanced model of the human body, where the large joints and complete mass and inertial properties were implemented. The model represents the 50th-percentile rank of a male adult. The hip joint is controlled by three muscle forces. The muscle coordinates were taken from a data source, previously collected by(More)
iii Abstract In this thesis we study the interactions between saturated fusion systems and group actions of the underlying p-groups. For a saturated fusion system F on a finite p-group S we construct the Burnside ring of F in terms of the finite S-sets whose actions respect the structure of the fusion system, and we produce a basis for the Burnside ring(More)
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