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We have studied scapular fractures, with special reference to intraarticular glenoid fractures, during a 10-year period in 2 Swedish counties. There were 338 scapular fractures in 322 patients. The annual incidence was 10/10(5) inhabitants, of which 30 percent affected the glenoid cavity. Out of 100 intraarticular glenoid fractures, 55 occurred in men and(More)
Forty-two patients (younger than 65 years) with osteoarthritis were operated on with an uncemented CLS stem and randomized to early unrestricted weight bearing combined with intensive physiotherapy or to partial weight bearing combined with self-training. Radiostereometric analysis showed 1.2 (+0.11 to -6.76) mm subsidence of the stem at 24 months in both(More)
The aim of this study was to compare effects of estrogen depletion (ovariectomy) and exposure to 3,3',4,4',5-pentachlorobiphenyl (PCB126) on bone strength and bone tissue composition in the rat. Half of the rats were ovariectomized (n=20) and the remainder were sham-operated. Ten of the ovariectomized rats and ten of the sham operated were exposed to PCB126(More)
BACKGROUND Nonoperative treatment is preferred for clavicular fractures irrespective of fracture and patient characteristics. However, recent studies indicate that long term results are not as favourable as previously considered. METHODS We have identified predictive risk factors associated with demographic and baseline data on clavicular fractures. In(More)
Serum levels of bone markers were measured prospectively for 1 year in 30 adult patients with an intramedullary fixed tibial fracture. In a double blinded design, half of the patients received low intensity ultrasound. All fractures healed, although in seven of 30 the healing was delayed more than 6 months. There was no significant difference in radiologic(More)
We describe the surgical technique and report the outcome after closed reduction and percutaneous plating in 21 closed extraarticular distal tibial fractures using titanium LC-DCP. A long plate was pushed subcutaneously through a small incision at the medial malleolus and fixed with screws through stab incisions. Fracture reduction was anatomical or nearly(More)
We undertook a multicentre, prospective study of a series of 112 unstable trochanteric fractures in order to evaluate if internal fixation with a sliding screw device combined with augmentation using a calcium phosphate degradable cement (Norian SRS) could improve the clinical, functional and radiological outcome when compared with fractures treated with a(More)
Feather pecking (FP) is a detrimental behaviour in chickens, which is performed by only some individuals in a flock. FP was studied in 54 red junglefowl (ancestor of domestic chickens), 36 White Leghorn laying hens, and 762 birds from an F(2)-intercross between these two lines. From all F(2)-birds, growth and feed consumption were measured. Age at sexual(More)
We performed this investigation to determine the possible migration starting immediately after surgery and the effect of different weightbearing regimens on the migration pattern of an uncemented hip stem (CLS). Stem migration was determined with radiostereometry analysis with baseline when the patients still were anesthetized. Subsequent examinations were(More)
Peripheral quantitative computed tomography (pQCT) is a noninvasive method mainly used to evaluate the densitometric and geometric properties of bone. In the present study, we evaluate the different variables provided by pQCT examination and their ability to predict the mechanical strength properties of the rat humerus. Humeri from 68 female rats were(More)