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Mechanisms of nickel carcinogenesis.
Recent investigations on possible mechanisms of nickel carcinogenesis are reviewed, emphasizing cellular uptake and intracellular translocation of nickel, morphological transformation of cells byExpand
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Biological monitoring of nickel in humans.
: The literature since 1985 on the biological monitoring of occupational, environmental, or iatrogenic exposures of humans to nickel is surveyed from the author's perspective. Urine and serum are theExpand
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A review of the metabolism and toxicology of nickel.
: Although nickel is an essential element for animal nutrition, the physiological role of nickel is not yet established. Pathological alterations of nickel metabolism are recognized in several humanExpand
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Carcinogenic effects of metals.
The carcinogenic effects of metals in man and experimental animals are summarized. Attention is focused primarily on (a) four metals (As, Cd, Cr, and Ni) that have been implicated as humanExpand
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The influence of zinc on apoptosis
This review summarizes the evidence that apoptosis is modulated by intracellular excess or deficiency of Zn 2+ , considers mechanisms whereby Zn 2+ may influence apoptosis, and delineates gaps inExpand
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Recent advances in metal carcinogenesis
: Recent advances in metal carcinogenesis are comprehensively reviewed, including (a) epidemiological and clinical aspects, (b) carcinogenesis bioassays, (c) bacterial mutagenesis, (d) mammalian cellExpand
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Carcinogenicity of nickel compounds in animals.
: A total of 18 nickel compounds were tested for carcinogenicity in male Fischer rats by a single i.m. injection at equivalent dosages (14 mg Ni/rat). Within two years, the following incidences ofExpand
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