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O ur goal is to assess the strategic and operational benefits of electronic integration for industrial procurement. We conduct a field study with an industrial supplier and examine the drivers of performance of the procurement process. Our research quantifies both the operational and strategic impacts of electronic integration in a B2B procurement(More)
We assess the impact of RFID on a logistics firm had implemented RFID for the outbound operations of a return center. The rationale for this particular deployment was the negative impact of operational inefficiency on its profits, measured by the incidence of claims by the firm's customers for missing or damaged product. Controlling for process complexity,(More)
The valuation of the real option to store liquefied natural gas (LNG) at the downstream terminal of an LNG value chain is an important problem in practice. As the exact valuation of this real option is computationally intractable, we develop a novel and tractable heuristic model for its strategic valuation that integrates models of LNG shipping, natural gas(More)
Spot and forward purchases for delivery on the usage date play an important role in matching the supply and the uncertain demand of energy, because storage capacity for energy, such as electricity, natural gas, and oil, is limited. Transaction costs tend to be larger in spot than forward energy markets near maturity. Partially procuring supply in the(More)
Despite many success stories, B2B e-commerce penetration remains low. Many firms introduce electronic channels in addition to their traditional sales channels, but find that buyer usage of the e-channel over time does not keep up with initial expectations. Firms must understand the underlying factors that drive channel usage and how these factors change(More)