Sunday Olamide Adewale

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The paper presents a deterministic model for the transmission dynamics of Mycobacterium tuberculosis (TB) in a population in the presence of Directly Observed Therapy Short-course (DOTS). The model, which allows for the detection and treatment of individuals with symptoms and uses standard incidence function for the infection rate, is rigorously analysed to(More)
Sensitivity analysis was performed on the mathematical model of Cholera to determine the influence and importance of each parameter on the basic reproduction number (R0) in the dynamical spread of Cholera. Basic Reproduction Number (R0) was obtained using next generation matrix method (NGM). The disease free equilibrium was analyzed for stability and the(More)
The performance of memory system depends majorly on types of instruction constructs, speedup of executions, capacity of processing elements and scheduling techniques. Most scheduling techniques are faced with several challenges such as multiple issues, exploiting more parallelism in programs instructions, speedup rate of executions and support for(More)
4 David Williams, and Valeriu Codreanu Po Yang, Baoquan Liu Jos B.T.M. Roerdink Feng Dong Alessandro Chiarini 5 Asma BEN HADJ MOHAMED Thierry VAL Laurent ANDRIEUX Abdennaceur KACHOURI 6 Yassine ARIBI Ali WALI Adel M.ALIMI 7 Alfonso Farruggia, Rosario Magro, Salvatore Vitabile 8 Alghannai. M. Rhoma, Abdosllam.M. Abobaker, Daw.A.Asdirah 9 Fatma. Ayari, Mekki.(More)
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