Sunday Adoga Edaigbini

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BACKGROUND Symptomatic heart block is a treatable cardiac cause of death which occurs globally. In Nigeria it is increasingly diagnosed and treated with permanent artificial cardiac pacemaker insertion and pulse generator implantation, sometimes after a period of misdiagnosis and inappropriate treatment. METHODS Twenty-three patients who were diagnosed(More)
The clinical course of a missing partial denture with secondary BOF in an alcoholic is presented. In the index case we report an exceptional clinical course of a patient who did not ascribe his symptoms to his ''missing'' dentures for several years, the odontologist who replaced an unrecovered denture, and the generalist who administered the barium swallow(More)
BACKGROUND The transformation of a surgical trainee into a surgeon is strongly influenced by the quality of teaching in the operating theater. This study investigates the perceptions of residents about the educational environment of the operating theater and identifies variables that may improve the operating theater education of our trainees. MATERIALS(More)
BACKGROUND The University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital, Enugu was designated the national centre of Excellence for Cardiothoracic diseases, because of the availability of skilled manpower. This study was therefore undertaken to see the pattern of cardiothoracic diseases managed in the surgical unit of the centre and to see if the objectives of its(More)
BACKGROUND The field of vascular surgery is evolving in sub-Saharan Africa but the practice is bedeviled by lack of expertise and infrastructure challenges. The consequences are a low volume of operations and a dearth of data. Available data are not representative of the wider picture, therefore, this study was undertaken to evaluate the practice of(More)
INTRODUCTION The conduct of cardiopulmonary bypass surgery requires the use of equipment and devices like the oxygenator. The oxygenator comes in different makes and each manufacturer customizes the carrier or 'holder' of this device specific to their design. AIM This paper presents an innovation designed to overcome the need to purchase a different(More)
Angiosarcoma is a rare and aggressive malignant tumor that has a poor prognosis. It represents less than 1% of all malignancies occurring in the oral cavity and salivary glands. We present a 35-year-old male with angiosarcoma of the cheek following traumatic injury and a review of the current literature.
BACKGROUND Tube thoracostomy is a lifesaving and frequently performed procedure in hospitals where the expertise and necessary tools are available. Where the ideal drainage receptacle is unavailable, the underwater seal device can be improvised with bottled water plastic can especially in emergency situations. AIMS AND OBJECTIVES To determine the(More)
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