Sundaram Suresh

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In this paper, a fully complex-valued radial basis function (FC-RBF) network with a fully complex-valued activation function has been proposed, and its complex-valued gradient descent learning algorithm has been developed. The fully complex activation function, sech(.) of the proposed network, satisfies all the properties needed for a complex-valued(More)
This paper presents a new sequential multi-category classifier using radial basis function (SMC-RBF) network for real-world classification problems. The classification algorithm processes the training data one by one and builds the RBF network starting with zero hidden neuron. The growth criterion uses the misclassification error, the approximation error to(More)
In this paper, we present a sequential projection-based metacognitive learning algorithm in a radial basis function network (PBL-McRBFN) for classification problems. The algorithm is inspired by human metacognitive learning principles and has two components: a cognitive component and a metacognitive component. The cognitive component is a(More)
In this paper, we present a novel no-reference (NR) method to assess the quality of JPEG-coded images using a sequential learning algorithm for growing and pruning radial basis function (GAP-RBF) network. The features for predicting the perceived image quality are extracted by considering key human visual sensitivity factors such as edge amplitude, edge(More)