Sundaram Seshu

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11 Lewis, W. D., Microwave logic, in Annals of the Computation Laboratory, vol 30. Cambridge, Mass.: Harvard, 1959, pp 334-342. [2] Blattner, D. J., and F. Sterzer, Fast microwave logic circuits, IRE Trans. on Electronic Computers, vol EC-8, Sep 1959, pp 297-301. [3] Ortel. W. C. G., Nanosecond logic by amplitude modulation, IRE Trans. on Etec.tronic(More)
In recent years digital computers have been applied, with great success, to the automation of an increasing variety of tasks in the design of digital systems, from the printing of wiring tables and the drawing of logical diagrams to the optimization, according to certain criteria, of the layout of components and wiring, and even the actual(More)
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