Sundaram G. A. Shanmugha

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Synthetic aperture Radar (SAR) has been extensively used for space-borne Earth observations in recent times. In conventional SAR systems analog beamsteering techniques are capable of implementing multiple operational modes, such as the Stripmap, ScanSAR, and Spotlight, to fulfill the different requirements in terms of spatial resolution and coverage. Future(More)
Beamforming or spatial filtering combines signals from an array of sensors, to achieve directionality. Each signal is weighted and summed to form a single strong signal from a desired direction of arrival, while suppressing interference. Without mechanical structures the antenna can be steered electronically by adjusting gain and phase. This concept can be(More)
In the present modern world, humans are being replaced by computers in almost every field for various beneficial reasons. One such field, where intervention of computers is inevitable and making significant progress is “computer vision”, which replicates human vision. In computer vision system, similar to that of an eye, a sensor (a camera) is(More)
In various experiments it had been positively demonstrated that the ability to perform helical modulation, by exploiting the Orbital Angular Momentum (OAM) states of the electromagnetic (EM) waves, is a feasible scheme of digital modulation in the bandwidth-constrained regions of the spectrum. In this paper we shall show that by changing the EM properties(More)
The design of an antenna using metamaterials (MTM) for usage in the Terahertz frequency range is presented here. A detailed analysis of the ω-β curves, scattering (S) parameters and radiation patterns is done for a Composite Right/Left Handed (CRLH) transmission line metamaterials designed as a metal-metal (MM) waveguide that incorporates an(More)
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