Sundarababu Baskaran

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The antibacterial drug ciprofloxacin (cfH) has been used to protect gold nanoparticles of two different mean diameters, 4 and 20 nm. The protection is complete with about 65 and 585 cfH molecules covering 4 and 15 nm particles, respectively. The nature of binding has been investigated by several analytical techniques. The nitrogen atom of the NH moiety of(More)
Ozonolysis of lapachol (1), resulting in an unusual formation of a potent antitumor agent 2-acetylfuranonaphthoquinone (3) along with the expected aldehyde 6, is described. The reaction of lapachol (1) with CAN in dry acetonitrile leading to biologically active furanonaphthoquinones is also reported. The antitumoral activity of the tested compounds on human(More)
Functionalized indoles are synthezised under mild conditions in a tartaric acid-dimethylurea melt. The melt serves as the solvent and as the catalyst. Under these reaction conditions, sensitive functional groups such as N-Boc, N-Cbz, or azides are stable, and indolenines are obtained regioselectively in excellent yields. The practical use of the method is(More)
A mild and highly efficient one-pot method has been developed for the stereoselective synthesis of structurally diverse novel iminosugar C-aryl glycosides. The generality of this methodology is demonstrated with a wide variety of aryl nucleophiles and amines. The synthetic potential of this methodology is further shown in the domino synthesis of iminosugar(More)
A mild and efficient method for the synthesis of optically active α-hydroxy acids through chemoselective oxidation of monosubstituted ethylene glycols using the TEMPO-NaOCl reagent system is described. It is evident from our studies that the solvent, pH and reaction temperature are very crucial for the success of this oxidation. The versatility of this(More)
A highly regioselective reductive cleavage of the bis-benzylidene acetal of D-mannitol was performed using a BF(3) x Et(2)O/Et(3)SiH reagent system. A chiral intermediate 6 thus obtained was efficiently utilized in the stereoselective synthesis of the anticancer agent OGT2378 (3) and glycosidase inhibitor derivative N-tosyl 1,4-dideoxy-1,4-imino-L-xylitol(More)