Sundara Ramaprabhu

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We have investigated the time-dependent effect of multi-walled carbon nanotubes (MWCNTs) in rats upon single inhalation exposure followed by intermittent sacrifice. The effects were monitored by analyzing the bronchoalveolar lavage fluid (BALF) and histopathological analysis. Cell count, neutrophils, lymphocytes, lactate dehydrogenase, alkaline phosphatase,(More)
A new amperometric biosensor, based on deposition of glucose oxidase (GOD) onto crystalline gold (Au) nanoparticle modified multiwalled carbon nanotube (MWNT) electrode, is presented. MWNTs have been synthesized by catalytic chemical vapor decomposition of acetylene over rare-earth-based AB2 (DyNi2) alloy hydride catalyst. Purified MWNTs have been decorated(More)
In situ reduction of graphite oxide in polymer powder has been implemented using focused solar electromagnetic radiation. The simultaneous reduction of graphite oxide, melting of the polymer and embedding of reduced graphite oxide nanoflakes in polymer offer a new way of synthesizing conducting graphene/polymer composites. An electromechanical application(More)
This study explored the influence of polyethylene glycol-linked multi-walled carbon nanotube (PEG-CNT) films on skeletal myogenic differentiation of human mesenchymal stem cells (hMSCs). PEG-CNT films were prepared with nanoscale surface roughness, orderly arrangement of PEG-CNTs, high hydrophilicity and high mechanical strength. Notably, PEG-CNT films(More)
Ultrathin graphene (UG) has been prepared by exfoliation of graphite oxide by a novel technique based on focused solar radiation. Graphene based engine oil nanofluids have been prepared and their frictional characteristics (FC), antiwear (AW), and extreme pressure (EP) properties have been evaluated. The improvement in FC, AW, and EP properties of(More)
Herein, we report the fabrication of hydrogen gas sensors based on noble nanometal decorated one dimensional multi walled carbon nanotubes and two dimensional graphene by a simple drop casting technique, with practical applications in view. Pt decorated functionalized graphene sheets (Pt/f-G) and Pt decorated functionalized multi walled carbon nanotubes(More)
Nanostructured Pt functionalized multiwalled carbon nanotubes (MWNTs) produced by catalytic chemical vapor deposition are good room-temperature hydrogen sensors. MWNTs have been synthesized by catalytic chemical vapor deposition of acetylene using a fixed-bed catalytic reactor over hydrides of Mm(0.2)Tb(0.8)CO2 obtained through hydrogen decrepitation(More)
A disposable and sensitive biosensor has been fabricated for the detection of the organophosphorous (OP) compound paraoxon using an amperometric technique. For the measurements, gold nanoparticles dispersed on the outer surface of multiwalled carbon nanotubes (Au-MWNTs) has been used as the electrode material, as it possesses high electron transfer rates(More)
A new type of amperometric glucose biosensor based on silicon dioxide coated magnetic nanoparticle decorated multiwalled carbon nanotubes (Fe(3)O(4)@SiO(2)/MWNTs) on a glassy carbon electrode (GCE) has been developed. MWNTs have been synthesized by catalytic chemical vapour decomposition (CCVD) of acetylene over rare earth (RE) based AB(3) alloy hydride(More)
Novel polymer nanocomposites comprising of MnO2 nanotubes (MNTs), functionalized multiwalled carbon nanotubes (f-MWCNTs), and polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) were synthesized. Homogeneous distribution of f-MWCNTs and MNTs in PVDF matrix were confirmed by field emission scanning electron microscopy. Electrical conductivity measurements were performed on these(More)