Sunao Katsuki

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Recently, repetitive pulsed power generators using magnetic pulse compression (MPC) and semiconductor switches have been developed. A repetitive short-pulsed generator for an ozonizer was studied and developed. In this work, the short-pulsed generator consists of a controller, a command charger, a high-speed thyristor, a MPC and a Blumlein line. The(More)
The non-thermal, chemically active plasma is one of the promising technologies for the removal of the hazardous environmental pollutants. Pulsed streamer discharges in atmospheric pressure gases have received a great deal of interest for many years. It is very important to know the propagation mechanism of streamer discharges in order to improve the energy(More)
Pulsed power has been used to produce non-thermal plasmas in gases that generate a high electric field at the tip of streamer discharges, where high energy electrons, free radicals, and ozone are produced. Recently, all solid state pulsed power generators, which are operated with high repetition rate, long lifetime and high reliability, have been developed(More)
Pulsed power technology has been used in many applications such as control of NO X and SO X from exhaust gases, treatment of dioxins, removal of volatile organic compounds, and generation of ozone. Since the pulse width of the applied voltage has a strong influence on the energy efficiency of the removal of pollutants, the development of a short pulse(More)
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