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A 58-year-old-man presented with painful rapidly progressive bilateral proptosis with restricted ocular movements of 15 days duration. There was history of significant weight loss in the recent past. Computed tomography scan of the head and orbit revealed bilateral multiple, well-defined, round, soft tissue masses, isointense with muscles in intraconal and(More)
BACKGROUND To report a case of spontaneous corneal melting in pregnancy. We reviewed the literature on corneal melting and the effect of pregnancy on cornea and collagen containing tissues. CASE PRESENTATION A 29-year-old woman who underwent radial keratotomy in both eyes followed by trabeculectomy in her left eye developed corneal melting in the same(More)
Central retinal vein occlusion (CRVO) is a common pathology of the retinal vasculature. Patients with CRVO usually present with a drop in visual acuity. The condition bears no specific therapy; treatment is aimed at the management of potentially blinding complications, of which there are many. With majority of cases being unilateral, bilateral CRVO is(More)
PURPOSE To study the fovea in preterm babies with Type I retinopathy of prematurity (ROP) before and after laser treatment using optical coherence tomography (OCT). MATERIALS AND METHODS This was a prospective observational case-control study including preterm neonates undergoing screening for ROP from May 2009 to July 2011. Group 1 included 30 eyes of 15(More)
The purpose of this study is to evaluate the effect of pterygium on contrast sensitivity. Thirty-six eyes with pterygium and 18 eyes without pterygium were included in the study. The size of the pterygium was measured on the slit lamp both vertically at the limbus and categorized into three groups (≤3, 3.1 to ≤5, >5 mm), and horizontally on the cornea and(More)
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