Sunandan Sikdar

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Psoriasis is an immune-mediated chronic inflammatory disorder of the skin. Association with kidney disease has been debated for a long time. Secondary renal amyloidosis in psoriatic arthropathy and drug-induced renal lesions secondary to methotrexate or cyclosporine are accepted accompaniments of psoriasis. IgA nephropathy is also known to occur in(More)
OBJECTIVE To study the occurrence of candidemia as a nosocomial infection in a large Indian teaching hospital and to evaluate the predisposing factors for development of such infections. METHODS One hundred and one hospitalized patients that developed signs and symptoms of nosocomial bloodstream infections were screened for candidemia and were analyzed(More)
INTRODUCTION Castor and jequirity beans are uncommon causes of poisoning. The more common but less severe castor poisoning is well described, but jequirity bean (Abrus Precatorius) poisoning is rare. The toxicity is attributed to toxalbumins (ricin and abrin) that act by inhibiting protein synthesis. Their use as agents of biological warfare, mechanisms of(More)
Nitric oxide (NO), a potent vasodilator, plays a pivotal role in blood pressure regulation. Endothelial NO synthase gene (NOS3) polymorphisms influence NO levels. Here, we investigated the role of the -922A/G, -786T/C, 4b/4a, and 894G/T polymorphisms of the NOS3 and NO(x) levels in 800 consecutive unrelated subjects comprising 455 patients of essential(More)
The human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) pandemic is nearly 20 years old. HIV infection is characterized by profound immunodeficiency resulting in an increased incidence of opportunistic infections and neoplasms. However, the greatest paradox is the occurrence of certain autoimmune disorders in the setting of HIV. These include diffuse interstitial(More)
A thirty four year old female presented with upper and lower respiratory symptoms in the third trimester of pregnancy. After the delivery of a healthy baby, the symptoms progressed to involve multiple organ systems and eventually a diagnosis of limited Wegener's Granulomatosis (Carrington-Liebow syndrome) was made. The extremely rare combination of WG and(More)
BACKGROUND The T594M variant of the β-subunit of the sodium epithelial channel (ENaC) gene may contribute to hypertension in individuals of Indo-Aryan origin. METHODS Present study was performed to assess the role of the ENaC gene variant as an independent risk factor for hypertension in subjects of Indo-Aryan ancestry. A total of 150 patients of recently(More)
We report here a case of 18 year old male with tremors of hands, deafness, tendency to fall while walking, drowsiness and double vision of total duration 1(1/2) years. He had internuclear ophthalmoplegia, broken saccades, hypertonia and hyperreflexia of all four limbs, intention tremors, signs of gait and limb ataxia. Pupillary reactions and fundus(More)
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