Sunanda V. Kane

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Ulcerative colitis (UC) is an idiopathic, inflammatory gastrointestinal disease of the colon. As a chronic condition, UC follows a relapsing and remitting course with medical maintenance during periods of quiescent disease and appropriate escalation of therapy during times of flare. Initial treatment strategies must not only take into account current(More)
BACKGROUND While previous studies have evaluated caregivers' quality of life (QOL), burnout, and stress amongst across a variety of chronic illnesses, few such studies have been related to inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). METHODS Caregivers accompanying adult patients with IBD at 6 tertiary centers were enrolled. They completed self-administered surveys(More)
Ulcerative colitis is a chronic condition that requires long-term treatment. The first-line therapy remains 5-ASA, which is available in a variety of different formulations and dosing schedules. Multiple studies have demonstrated that adherence rates to prescribed 5-ASA products is below what would have been expected with significant consequences for(More)
BACKGROUND AND AIMS Multiple studies have demonstrated the efficacy of aminosalicylates in maintaining remission in ulcerative colitis (UC). A newer formulation of mesalamine can be administered once daily. We aimed to examine the efficacy and tolerability of pH-dependent mesalamine for long-term maintenance, and compare the rates of medication consumption(More)
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