Sunanda Mitra

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A modular, unsupervised neural network architecture that can be used for clustering and classification of complex data sets is presented. The adaptive fuzzy leader clustering (AFLC) architecture is a hybrid neural-fuzzy system that learns online in a stable and efficient manner. The system used a control structure similar to that found in the adaptive(More)
This report addresses the issues involved in developing a robust segmentation technique capable of finding the location and orientation of the cervical vertebrae in x-ray images. This technique should be invariant to rotation, scale, noise, occlusions and shape variability. A customized approach, based on the Generalized Hough transform (GHT), that captures(More)
OBJECTIVES The objectives were to measure the impact of specific features of imaging devices on tasks relevant to minimally invasive surgery (MIS) and to investigate cognitive and perceptual factors in such tasks. BACKGROUND Although image-guided interventions used in MIS provide benefits for patients, they pose drawbacks for surgeons, including degraded(More)
The major limitations of precise evaluation of retinal structures in present clinical situations are the lack of standardization, the inherent subjectivity involved in the interpretation of retinal images, and intra- as well as interobserver variability. While evaluating optic disc deformation in glaucoma, these limitations could be overcome by using(More)
A unified framework for a fully automated diagnostic system for cervical intraepithelial neoplasia (CIN) is proposed. CIN is a detectable and treatable precursor pathology of cancer of the uterine cervix. Algorithms based on mathematical morphology, and clustering based on Gaussian mixture modeling (GMM) in a joint color and geometric feature space, are(More)
Backward Coding of Wavelet Trees (BCWT) is an extremely fast wavelet-tree-based image coding algorithm. Utilizing a unique backward coding algorithm, BCWT also provides a rich set of features such as resolution-scalability, extremely low memory usage, and extremely low complexity. However, BCWT in its original form inherits one drawback also existing in(More)