Sunanda Bagchi

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A general construction for Steiner 2-designs with prime power block size (and with a point-regular automorphism group) is presented. Its success depends on number-theoretic restrictions on the parameters-these are completely analysed in case of block sizes k 6 11. The new designs constructed include infinitely many cyclic Steiner 2-designs with block size(More)
It is well known that queues with exponentially distributed service times have the smallest Shannon capacity among all single-server queues with the same service rate. In this paper, we study the capacity of timing channels in which the service time distributions have bounded support, i.e., Bounded Service Timing Channels (BSTC). We derive an upper bound(More)
In this paper we define the concept of orthogonality between two factors ”through another factor”. Exploiting this property we have been able to obtain orthogonal main effect plans (OMEP) on non-orthogonal blocks requiring considerably smaller number of blocks than the existing methods. We have also constructed saturated partially orthogonal main effect(More)
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