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Inspired by the immune theory and multi-agent systems, an immune multi-agent active defense model for network intrusion is established. The concept of immune agent is introduced, and its running mechanism is established. The method, which uses antibody concentration to quantitatively describe the degree of intrusion danger, is presented. This model(More)
The current computer forensics approaches mainly focus on the network actions capture and analysis the evidences after attacks, which always result in the static methods. Inspired by the theory of artificial immune systems (AIS), a novel model of Computer Forensics System is presented. The concepts and formal definitions of immune cells are given, and(More)
Inspired by the immune network theory, an adaptive anomaly detection paradigm based on artificial immune network, referred as APAI, is proposed. The implementation of the paradigm includes: initially, the first is to create the initial antibody network; then, through the learning of each training antigen, the antibody network is evolved and updated by the(More)
A chaos immune evolutionary algorithm is presented to keep population's diversity, avoid local optimization and improve performance of evolutionary algorithm. To overcome redundancies, over-spread character of chaos sequence was used. To enlarge searching space and chaos initial value, sensitivity was used. At the same time, immune selection operator was(More)
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