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—The arrangement graph A n,k , which is a generalization of the star graph (n − k = 1), presents more flexibility than the star graph in adjusting the major design parameters: number of nodes, degree, and diameter. Previously, the arrangement graph has proved Hamiltonian. In this paper, we further show that the arrangement graph remains Hamiltonian even if(More)
A bipartite graph G = (V , E) is said to be bipancyclic if it contains a cycle of every even length from 4 to |V |. Furthermore, a bipancyclic G is said to be edge-bipancyclic if every edge of G lies on a cycle of every even length. Let F v (respectively, F e) be the set of faulty vertices (respectively, faulty edges) in an n-dimensional hypercube Q n. In(More)
The planted (l,d)-motif search problem is a mathematical abstraction of the DNA functional site discovery task. In this paper, we propose a heuristic algorithm that can find planted (l,d)-signals in a given set of DNA sequences. Evaluations on simulated data sets demonstrate that the proposed algorithm outperforms current widely used motif finding(More)