Sun-Yuan Hsieh

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The arrangement graph An,k, which is a generalization of the star graph (n − k = 1), presents more flexibility than the star graph in adjusting the major design parameters: number of nodes, degree, and diameter. Previously, the arrangement graph has proved Hamiltonian. In this paper, we further show that the arrangement graph remains Hamiltonian even if it(More)
The planted (l,d)-motif search problem is a mathematical abstraction of the DNA functional site discovery task. In this paper, we propose a heuristic algorithm that can find planted (l,d)-signals in a given set of DNA sequences. Evaluations on simulated data sets demonstrate that the proposed algorithm outperforms current widely used motif finding(More)
We study two topological properties of the 3-ary n-cube Q n 3 . Given two arbitrary distinct nodes x and y in Q n 3 , we prove that there exists an x–y path of every length ranging from d(x,y) to 3 n −1, where d(x,y) is the length of a shortest path between x and y. Based on this result, we prove that Q n 3 is edge-pancyclic by showing that every edge in Q(More)
The star graph Sn has been recognized as an attractive alternative to the hypercube. Since S1; S2, and S3 have trivial structures, we focus our attention on Sn with n¿4 in this paper. Let Fv denote the set of faulty vertices in Sn. We show that when |Fv|6n− 5; Sn with n¿6 contains a fault-free path of length n! − 2|Fv| − 2 (n! − 2|Fv| − 1) between arbitrary(More)
A Hamiltonian path in G is a path which contains every vertex of G exactly once. Two Hamiltonian paths P 1=〈u 1,u 2,…,u n 〉 and P 2=〈v 1,v 2,…,v n 〉 of G are said to be independent if u 1=v 1, u n =v n , and u i ≠v i for all 1<i<n; and both are full-independent if u i ≠v i for all 1≤i≤n. Moreover, P 1 and P 2 are independent starting at u 1, if u 1=v 1 and(More)
Processor fault diagnosis plays an important role in measuring the reliability of multiprocessor systems and the diagnosis of many well-known interconnection networks. The conditional diagnosability, which is more general than the classical diagnosability, is to measure the diagnosability of a multiprocessor system under the assumption that all of the(More)
IP lookup affects the speed of an incoming packet and the time required to determine which output port the packet should be sent to; hence, it plays an important role in the design of router-tables. In this paper, we propose a new data structure, called a multi-prefix trie, for use in designing dynamic router-tables. One key feature of our data structure is(More)