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—The arrangement graph A n,k , which is a generalization of the star graph (n − k = 1), presents more flexibility than the star graph in adjusting the major design parameters: number of nodes, degree, and diameter. Previously, the arrangement graph has proved Hamiltonian. In this paper, we further show that the arrangement graph remains Hamiltonian even if(More)
The star graph Sn has been recognized as an attractive alternative to the hypercube. Since S1; S2, and S3 have trivial structures, we focus our attention on Sn with n¿4 in this paper. Let Fv denote the set of faulty vertices in Sn. We show that when |Fv|6n − 5; Sn with n¿6 contains a fault-free path of length n! − 2|Fv| − 2 (n! − 2|Fv| − 1) between(More)